Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Missing Ingredients

In a past Network Marketing business, I was involved in a conversation with an individual who said to me, with pride, that he had been in the business for 3 years. I being new, thought that sounded like an accomplishment of sorts, thinking if he had been around that long he must be successful. Little did I know that this person liked to talk about the time he had been involved with the business but he never talked about the amount of time he spent building his business.
How do we avoid becoming like this individual? That's a good question. I understand that endurance is important but by itself does not build a successful business. So how do we measure success before the money starts coming in? Again, a good question.
Here's how I see it.
  • Spending time without purpose is just enduring.
  • Endurance by itself is just time spent belonging to something, not building a business.

So what is the missing ingredient? Activity. Constant activity with purpose. Meaning, scheduling time throughout the day to call the people who have shown interest in your business. Be they one's you've talked to personally or following up on opt-in leads. Also, scheduling time to visit with individuals and business owners that could benefit from your products. Constant activity with purpose = paycheck.


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